Darkness Yea, Yea

by Queen Jesus

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released September 11, 2014

"Water From the Rock" features Hannah Jordan and Hannah Riotto.
"Bridge" and "Feel Straight" feature Chelsea Maher on violin.
Design and layout by Russell Edling and Pat Brier.



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Queen Jesus Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Drop D
waiting by the subway with a rifle in his hands
nothing seems to matter, except what's going on in his head
he's afraid he says, but no one cares
he's afraid he says
Im walking to the subway, now
no time to think now, in the belly of a mountain now
Im walking to the subway now
baby born under sunny skies // life lived medicated high
he's afraid he says, he doesn't want to do it, he says
are you afraid, he says (asks), he doesn't want to do it, he says
Track Name: Yellow Willow
porcelain fingers at my bedside, it was the middle of the night
send a message, send your message, saying that you miss your kids
back lying with crazy shadows, moving on my gray wall
as smooth love sounds are parading over me in the dark, red rain
green green lover, how I've missed you
sailing in my mind, beyond the yellow willow
Track Name: Water from the Rock
you drank the water from the rock
with dreams of never being caught
under your christian name
you deny boldly to descend, wondering
I know right from wrong, I can't tell a lie
because I drank the water from the rock
now Im coming back to you
Track Name: Dreams
so you're my expert now, breathing fresh new waves of silence
Im just here to pass in time, maybe gather peace from noisy sleep
(it) waits in buckets and tastes like dreams
blending worlds disguised as themes
and it never leaves our room // and it never leaves me alone
reconstructed verse of lies, I lie and swear tonight
we make big deals of things when we drink // I drank every night,
washed pills away to create delight
and I lay down to see you, my mouth moves in silence
I don't remember how you seem,
your smell was caught by the dream police
making fun of our sadness
dew dew, dew dew...
Track Name: Wave
I took a trip out on the wave to see your brother Brian
there was nothing he wanted to do
I took a big hit in my chest, thought that I was dying
there was nothing I wanted to do
we had a good fuck on the wave, until I saw you dying
what's a boy supposed to do?
Track Name: Bridge
looking over a bridge past myself, yes its me
beyond your body, where a shadow once stood
consider your life, and the past, your loves
get up get moving, cried the eyes // moaned the cars
deliver the message, but you could care less
chop up the nearest creature, but it still loves you back
it still loves you
time is eternal
Track Name: Anna
I haven't seen you in forever
then you'll push me out to sea
I haven't seen you in forever
and I'll ask you and you'll say
Anna said what's wrong with you
how are you temperamental?
do you die to make a scene?
how will your cry sound when you know you will be heard?
Anna said, what's wrong with you
Track Name: Watery Moon
you will come down with the moonlight
and you'll fill up with a sound of colorless night
did you remember to darken your eyes?
is there something thats worth all this noise?
when you know you can't tell
when you know you wont listen to me anymore
Track Name: Feel Straight
what makes you feel straight, feel in control
I invite death to eat at my door
it'll attract a crowd, and lots of children too
but I'm not afraid of anything this time
do you listen deep?
do you listen carefully?
I'm always bowed down before my own gods
and there is time, time to steal from yourself
what you once loved
Track Name: A.D.
the first time I found you in my teens
tell myself to stop thinking // tell myself to find nothing
and Im watching my figure, and Im so terrified
but the balance is substantial
totally legal for a price
I never come
Track Name: Pushing the Bolt Is Fine
uninvited, why are you here? is it too cold to wait outside?
is there something I should listen for?
your cue came hours ago
when talking, all the boys start laughing
and we're lying underneath all their bullshit
wish I could lie down in the corner
thinking//feeling nothing, babbling through a gray thought
fading in, a light rips through the nighttime
understood like a sharp knife
no need to explain, it wasn't funny the first time
see through hot summer haze, wait for numb apathy
forget my goodbyes and apologies
Track Name: Clothes
you came out of my past dressed in your winter clothes
tell me how does it feel, being a body trying to feel?
so tell me, how does it feel, knowing we're bodies working to feel
you stepped out of my past feeling the pain from the sun
you're looking into someone
tell me, how does it feel knowing a body working to feel
so tell me, how does it feel knowing bodies trying to feel
you came out of my past