Tar Ranch

by Queen Jesus

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released November 3, 2016

All songs written by Queen Jesus
Recorded and mixed by Matt Schimelfenig
Mastered by Andy Clarke
Artwork by Adam Holden Rosenberg
Tapes available via Uncle Rats Or email queenjezusmusic@gmail.com



all rights reserved


Queen Jesus Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Nighttime Again
its nighttime again
another light-hearted day
but your eyes are bright
so lets get lit, lets get it right

your eyes are brown
I can't see them tonight
like a joking number
Im useless tonight

the light and heart collide
to mean "thought I would've called you back"
its true a better lover would

split my spit in two
guess what, I won't talk to you
please don't take no offense
im dwelling if that makes you feel better

so when you talk, i won't mind
at least I'm right
and when i know nothing, I hope I say
because its all in your mind
its all in my mind
Track Name: Bleach Factory
There was a fight
In your parents basement
Turn off the lights
I need sleep to do this
There were no lights
You were blacking out in my arms
Someone help me out
Tell me there's room for everyone

I saw space and some room to lie down
I banged my head off the inside
Someone let me out
Yeah, right here, yeah right now
I'd rather walk, and Ill change my mind up, anyway

Ive been living the same life
Im a sucker for the same thing
With each life lived and lost
The grey takes its place
Pave over history, because this is our time for fun

Filling in the gaps
On our way to the bleach factory
Track Name: Would You Come Back
Anna would you come back
would you come back, now
Why would you leave here
These are the things that won't leave my mind

I took a walk to recall some feelings
I had for trees near my house
trying on some new ones that I bought
at the dollar store
and when Im feeling really good
I forget about the people feeling really bad
so, lets try this again

you say Im lazy cause I'm never around
but don't feel bad, it doesn't hurt all the time

Im getting good at being an asshole
Im just tryna fit in
I get to watch myself
take a bath in my own sin

you say I'm lazy cause I'm never around
but don't feel bad it doesn't hurt all the time

living, dying, where I live
Track Name: Friends in High School
good morning sunshine
think Ill sleep to pass the time
learning to sit still
block out the times young people die
we were friends in high school
now i don't talk to you

Neil comes by to pass my time
mom and dad I keep at arms length
it makes them sad
there's no color in my dreams tonight
think Ill sleep to pass the time

makes them sad
theres no color in my dream tonight
think ill sleep to pass the time
Track Name: Desire
what am i to you
with time ill change
will your ideas change too
i want you to change however you desire

death sleeps in the city
and wakes up in the morning
making noise to fill in the silence

its okay if i bore you
its okay if you bore me
its okay if your get yours
its okay if i get mine